Saturday, February 14, 2009

Life Guard

The signal is red. A stream of pedestrians are crossing the road. I try hard to join in, making use of my long legs. I was perhaps the last one in the group. Three fourth down the road, the signal turns green. The ignitions were on, the accelerators are pressed. I, and a few others, were trying to negotiate through. It was then it happened. He jumped. From where, I have no clue. It seemed as if Spiderman had accidentally lost his grip. And he was right in front of a Blueline bus, the kind which is famous for being killer. Call it reflex if you will. Because, honestly, there was no time to appraise the situation and take action. I just realized I was holding his shirt around the belt line. Luckily the man was of thin build, so I could hold him back. Question in my eyes, I helped him reach the other side. My outburst was curbed by a smile. No words, excuses, explanations. He just walked away.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

January 2009

What a month this has been! All amidst a very stereotype time bound work-home-work cycle. The 1st day heralds a new year and you are supposed to be in festive mood. But the economic recession cut it all out...scaled it by a tremendous fraction, but thats ok. Late that night, a sudden new year wish from a long lost friend. Lifts all your spirits as you reply sleepily. We had fought when we had last communicated, but that was all forgotten. 5 years is long. Happy, you take on the month ahead. My ma in law was supposed to come, all that went haywire [refer previous blog]... you are drained out emotionally...suddenly comes a site visit all out of the blue. Dead early on a foggy morning we head for a small town in Himachal Pradesh... tasty food,but pathetic road surfaces. The meeting gets prolonged, we start late. Get caught in traffic jams behind many trucks... get mixed up in some unrest by villagers because two calves had got run down. Then comes the phone call. Its my friend who never calls me unless there is any need. Maybe STD is not for catching up, unless you are the fiance. That day he chooses to chit chat. Then comes a call from another friend in Delhi whom I had promised to meet. The next call was from my inlaws.. "What! You are out at this hour of the day?" No point trying to explain to people at least 1500 km away. 2 o' cock in the morning, I am home. While compiling the success story of the trip, I get documents from site, with all information mixed up. Set that right, send it across. On a Sunday I had carefully preserved for myself, an elderly relative surfaces... you cannot say, "I want to sleep". So I drag myself over... participate in the cooking and consume vegetarian food [very tasty, although] while my better half enjoyed the chicken curry I had made. I met my friend, got enriched with the benefits of yoga. A sudden phone call from a school friend who was in town for some official work. He wants to meet up... I agree. We had studied two years together way back in 1994-95-96 and then seperated. And has he changed! Although he claimed I haven't, I beg to differ. A mail arrives from the college alumni... its the annual magazine with an interesting, but difficult theme. Makes you wonder, "One year is gone?". I try hard, request for extra time, but can manage only 500 words without being too elaborate. The school alumni chose to get active too, the planning for the reunion in Delhi is on. I really am not sure whether to look forward to it or not. A senior friend, who seemed to be in a cosy job, suddenly lost it. Shook me. I get a great job offer, but am confused. I said yes, but was contemplating. It seemed I was tailormade for the purpose, still. Suddenly things did not materialize. I was kind of spared the trouble, but am still wondering which situation would have been better. I have to go home all of a sudden. I had refused, but no one is interested. So I go. Touch, smile and come back. But met lots and lots of people. Thats very important. Cousins who are abroad, or any other city in India... cousins who are there in Calcutta. All relatives who could make it to the gathering. Granny. Mom and Dad. Pop in law. The next generation. Numerous phone calls. Great food. The work pressure chose to rise simultaneously.. so I carry an AutoCAD cd among my luggage. Work at night. Sleep less. But I have loads of homemade stuff with me now that I am back, so I end the month on a happy note.