Friday, July 24, 2015

Childhood lessons for Tooth Sensitivity

I still remember the stinging effect of my first ever ice-candy, and the look on my elder sister’s face. While the chill drowned the taste of the flavour, she gave me a “know-it-all” look, for she had tried hard to keep me from it.

Back home, my mother gave us some water at room temperature and told me that both of us had sensitive teeth, which meant that we should be careful about having cold stuff. Although my sister maintained that she didn’t like ice candies, I knew what the truth was.

Both of us were used to brushing teeth twice daily and had sparkling teeth that would have fitted the advertisement of any toothpaste. We were also taught to drink water and rinse our mouth well after every meal, whether hot or cold, so that the acids and juices produced by the food could be washed off, and there would be no damage to our teeth.

Years have gone since then. Milk tooth gone, education over, we have got immersed in our busy lives. Nevertheless, childhood experiences remain in our subconscious. One day, a commercial on television caught my attention – a young guy was holding his cheek because of the sensation caused by having something hot or cold, and the dentist recommended a particular toothpaste to him - Sensodyne.

I wouldn’t have noticed it had it not been for my colleague, who had told me that he likes to have his tea after its cooled off a bit, and not piping hot (the way I like my tea to be). Was this also a case of tooth sensitivity, I thought. So, the very next morning, I went up to him and asked him about the effect a hot beverage would have on him. The answer was what I had already guessed – it caused a sharp pain in his teeth.

Realizing that this was quite a common phenomenon, I asked my dentist about it. He confirmed my guess, that most people who have sensitive teeth do not realize the problem, and tend to stay away from the relevant food practices, even if it is their favourite dish. I asked him about the toothpaste I had seen being advertised the other day - he told me it was a revolutionary product that has been developed after much research and can help many people across the world.

No marks for guessing which toothpaste I use. But, if you can relate to the experiences above, trust me and change your paste. Even if you know someone with similar issues, recommend it to them. Please share your story in the comments section!! And what makes it exciting, is the fact that every story stands chances to win an attractive voucher for dining out.

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