Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Reacting to increased fares of Delhi Metro

Effective 10th May, 2017 the Delhi Metro has
revised its fare structure. It is quite an overhaul and you can read about it in the web. What is worse is that it has been announced that there would be another round of revisions in coming October.

What does the metro mean to Delhi? 

Its lifeline. Its that simple. Many of us are prepared to travel across the city and back just because there is metro connectivity. Over the last 15 years metro has been operational in the city, people have chosen their places of work or residence, schools, etc based on proximity to the metro. The advantage is freedom from the unpredictability of traffic on the road, smart card access, air conditioned coaches, fast moving trains, clean stations, and much more. Interchanges (sometimes inconvenient) between lines, few technical glitches off and on, overcrowding in peak hours, etc are looked at as shortcomings that can be overlooked in light of the benefits it offers.

You ask me to reach anywhere, and the first question I would ask is, "Which is the nearest metro station?"


Metro fares were revised last in 2009, and they were designed more or less to suit our pockets. The current revision was due, but it seems to be too demanding. The thought that it would get hiked again few months down the line has got ingrained in our minds and we have all started re-working our monthly budgets.

My concern is that if I, being in a reasonable salary bracket, am thinking so much about the increased travel costs, how would people with lower earnings and/or perhaps more liabilities do their financial planning?


The State Government wishes to encourage travel by public transport and is trying hard to incentivize public transport. This step seems to be a step in the absolutely opposite direction.

There are people who have become captive riders of the metro, because of many factors. They really do not want another option - and would stick to the metro, no matter what the fare is. 

Some people may want an alternative, but their brains tell them that there is no better option, and for them, metro it is.

But then there are people who have choices. One of my colleagues offered to car-pool with me. He even went to the extent of calculating my travel costs and stressing on the convenience of door to door services.

Response of some people to the price sensitivity analysis would be negative.. they would move out, and get spread between buses, personal vehicles, etc. They might end up incurring higher costs if you factor in comfort of travel, safety, congestion, etc but it is the burden on their pockets that seems to matter to them.

My demands

There is a section that has been in construction for long, and I have been waiting for it to become operational - this would make my daily commute from home to work and back much convenient. There are few upcoming corridors which would help Delhi significantly. So, now my thought is, "Ok you are charging as you please, now please give me new stretches to travel in".

And perhaps, if someone could convince the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) to drop the plan of implementing the second phase of fare revision. 

Thursday, March 09, 2017

Indulgence plans on our Anniversary

My husband and I were in Pune to visit my sister and incidentally, our 10th anniversary was around the corner. Without further ado, we started making plans to celebrate our togetherness in style.

“Shall we dine out?” I proposed.

He readily agreed and started working out on further details as he wanted us to have an indulgent dining experience. We did some research on the internet and shortlisted four exclusive dining restaurants:

1.   Zaheer Khan's Dine Fine – This restaurant attracted my husband as it had his favorite cricketer’s name in it. The food served here is completely different to what we usually discover at other restaurants. It has exclusive names which their chef has balanced out with great spices. The food and service at this dine is hard to beat as they have the best Dahi ke Kebabs and Tandoori stuffed mushrooms to indulge in. The restaurant has a decent ambiance with clad staff that caters well to your needs.

2.     Baan Tao – A name that comes up to your mind when you think of exclusive dining in Pune. Exquisite dishes from all over Asia are the USP of this restaurant, located in the plush Hotel Hyatt. Inspired by products from Japan, China and the Orient, the menu is full of authentic and traditional dim-sums and sea food. The interiors and ambiance is sure to rejuvenate your mind.

3.  Eon Fine Dine Resto Bar – One of the best restaurants in its vicinity, this fine dining destination has some world class kebabs on its menu. You are offered a welcome drink on your arrival, which lifts your spirits and makes you look forward to the dining experience. The Chicken Reshmi Kebabs are to die for, as they melt in your mouth the moment you take a bite.

4.      Panash –Mouthwatering Asian dishes and an exquisite ambience are the two things to look forward to this fine dining restaurant in Hotel Sheraton. With a soothing d├ęcor and authentic Shoji windows, the place offers a perfect ambiance for a great dinner experience. Two dishes which you must try at Panash would definitely be Ebi Furai and Jasmine Rice.

To add a bit of elegance and exclusivity to our anniversary my brother in law offered his new car- the limited edition Maruti Suzuki Dzire Allure. 

The car is designed for comfort – it has front to centre arm rests and premium dual tone seats with pillows. The interior is styled elegantly and ergonomically, so that one does not feel tired even after driving for long hours. As for the exteriors, the body graphics are so smart that you feel proud to be its owner. All of us felt happy and relaxed while we went for a drive. The world around us seemed to be a lovelier place, as the stress of driving, and other mundane things of our lives were taken off our minds. We felt relaxed.

If you want to know more about the car that can enhance your driving experience manifold and be part of your special indulgences, do check out the limited edition Maruti Suzuki Dzire Allure here. Also, follow Maruti Suzuki Dzire on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.