Thursday, November 08, 2012

Dare to do it!

Travel itself is an exciting word! And every time I step out of my usual atmosphere to visit destinations unknown to me, I discover myself over and over. I avoid the path treaded by most tourists and perceive the place in my own way - appreciate how the city survives under the sheath of tourism. The local architecture and town planning process attracts me strongly. Anything unconventional draws me, stimulating my soul, making me feel alive once again. I dare!

Being a part of the Alive is Awesome campaign by Cinthol has been a great experience for me - reminiscing various adventure bathing experiences I have had during various trips, and talking about the journeys I wish to undertake! It has brought back many fond memories and encouraged me to continue my search for the unknown.

I have had the opportunity to have a first hand experience of some of the products in this newly launched range and take my word for it, they are awesome!

I close this series with something I have always wished to do. I have seen it in movies, and travel albums of friends - images of water skiing, kite-surfing, surfing and various water sports. This is something that has been attracting me for long. 

I went to Goa in the monsoons to enjoy water sports when the sea is full. Unfortunately, since its a off season, such activities were stalled. I shall be going back to Goa in the tourist season for a first hand experience of these "adrenaline rush" experiences!

Do you dare to accompany me?

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Photocredits: Cinthol

Monday, November 05, 2012

Ahoy Antarctica!!

The Managing Director of a company I used to work with had gone on a holiday to Antarctica. I always admired his inclination for unconventional destinations, but this seemed incredible! More so, when he shared some photographs with us.

The other day I was trying out the new range of products from Cinthol. It was the "Strong" fragrance which my husband had bought - he emerged out of his bath excited; saying that he felt very fresh. He wanted me to try the other variety that we had bought, called "Deo", although its a soap. And my experience was divine - I felt awesome!

Full of energy, we switched on the television to catch our favourite show, and chanced upon this commercial:

I was immediately reminded of the only person who I know to have been to anywhere near the poles. We share a healthy relationship even today, and I called him up rightaway. He encouraged me to take up the challenge - ignore what the sceptical people around us say, and head straight for Antarctica or the Arctic. I was mentioning that I had seen seals play in pools and people skating over frozen lakes and incidences when they have broken through the ice into the water below - images I had made in my mind based on movies and books.He immediately suggested that I should try a polar plunge bath (a dip in ice-cold water) too! It would take a lot of guts, but afterall, we have only one life to experience such unique activities!

I am going to the poles soon. Like to join me?
This is part of the Alive is Awesome initiative by Cinthol.

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Water Massage

Have you enjoyed a full body massage in a spa? Your muscles are revitalized making you feel energetic and full of life.

It was when I watched this video that I was reminded of this awesome water spa experience. It was all natural too! I recommend you try this sometime.

We were in Goa in July 2011. This is the rainy season - the seas are full and tourists usually keep away. We rolled up our trousers, took off our slippers and stood close to the edge where the waters were lashing furiously. High tide was setting in at that time - and no amount of rolling of trousers helped. Then came a big wave that lashed over my head ( I am fairly tall, mind you), drenching me fully!!!

I stood transfixed - as the water pressed against my body, pushing me as if to disbalance me. There was a mild warmth in the water - and the effect was so relaxing. It was hardly for a minute before the wave drew back to be replaced by a waist high one. I did not seem to mind the sand in my hair and all over my body. Even my handbag, although water resistant, was full of sand. Instead it felt like a natural spa - where I was enjoying a "water massage". The mild pains in lower back and calves that I had because of my desk job seemed to have been healed!! I seemed to have been reborn, devoid of any complaints!

This is also a part of the "Alive is Awesome" initiative by Cinthol.