Saturday, June 19, 2010

What's in your bag? : Tag

Tagged Again... and tagged by Ms. Sushmita Sarkar (Shooting Star)...

She's done hers amazingly well.. with snaps of almost everything.. and here comes mine! A line or two to establish their usability(???). It was fun pulling out each item and clicking them... a sudden realization of what a lot I am carrying around...
My bag itself:
A huge, elongated box type concoction in pure leather, by Hi Design. Gifted to me during my marriage, I have used it extensively. The poor thing has endured all the "rough use". And when I am using it, I would not change it for occassions... I just love it.

My identity:
We dont need it for access in our office, so this lies there in my bag.
I wear it for out of office meetings.

My purse:
Bought from Palika Bazaar in 2007, a market for everything at most unreliable prices. Its front pouch is excellent, as it holds my cards and visiting cards.
Hair clips:
I carry them as a backup... Suppose I have left my hair open someday, and feel like tying the tresses later in the day... all I have to do is dig either of them out...
I generally carry both of them. The white one is rarely used, its just there as a backup, just in case I forget to insert the other one after cleaning it. I have done this often after weekends, after the weekly cleaning. The white one is cleaned when it gathers dirt.
Used rarely, when my skin starts looking oily. Carried around mainly for the mirror inside.
This little box has been with me since 2006.
Lip Cream: Boroline
My awfully dry lips have a tendency to chap even in summer. This cream has been handy in moisturising and minor injuries since our childhood. My Granny's favourite, even till date.

Handkerchief :
Very handy for hand-drying, adjusting facial makeup, camaflouging emotions...
My lipsticks:
I may carry three, but I use only one [the central one].... That too, when I feel like.
My perfumes:
Gifted items, very useful!!!
The actual contributors to the weight of my bag.
My eye liner:
This is perhaps the oldest and misused item on my person. This dates back to my childhood, when Lakme first launched this eye-liner. I cannot quote a date. This was the only bottle I have ever possessed in my entire life! I have only used it for the purpose of drawing a dot between my eyebrows (bindi)... I have never used it for eye-lining!
Box of Visiting Cards:
I carry quite a few cards in this spare box. Comes in real handy in meetings and workshops, when you need a number of cards at a time.

Measuring tape:
Useful when shopping for clothes. When in doubt whether a particular garment would fit you or not, and the shop keeper is damn sure it would, or the trial rooms are not free, you know how to check...
Safety pins:
Saves lot of embarassing situations!
Good for lending to someone too.
Phone and accessories:
The charger and the headphone.
And of course, the phone! [Phone camera has been used for these snaps, so no image of phone]
Dressing accessories:
Another one of the backup stuff, gets used when I drape a saree.

And mind you, this is perhaps a few items that are in my bag... you would find pens and pencils, some papers and a small notebook, some medical supplies, a needle and thread... the list is endless.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Missed Out!

I have not been counted in the Census of India that is under preparation.

I was out of station on leave, and the representatives could not get hold of any one of us at home.

I am sure we would not be accounted for when they go for headcounts in Calcutta, because we have been away for so long now.

So, when they publish a figure, please add 3 more persons to it.