Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Dhootha: The Messenger

Have you come across a series that makes you wish you had not started it at all? Well, Dhootha, a Telegu web series, dubbed in multiple languages, was the first of this kind for me. I would say the faint hearted should not watch it at all – there’s lot of blood and ugly deaths. Also, paranormal activity is something that fails to appeal me.

The basic idea is acceptable – one should be honest towards his profession and not succumb to political pressure and greed. Heinous crimes lead to the death of an honest journalist, who was a man of principles. Thereafter, his spirit takes on the onus to teach corrupt journalists their lessons in the hard way.

Naga Chaitanya is a handsome man and has portrayed his character (Sagar) very well. He carries the series on his shoulders. The insensitive trait of Sagar comes across strongly during his final interaction with his secretary (Prachi Desai). But what she did in revenge was way more awful. The director shows no consideration for audience and portrays crimes and deaths in realistic manner. You may end up spending nights uneasily after watching gory scenes.

Plus points: Absolutely perfect cast: Everyone seems to tailor made for their roles. Direction, Story build-up, connecting the dots are good. 

Only negative is that there seems to be too much blood. And I thought couple of deaths, especially that of the Youtuber, could have been reduced.

So brace yourself, and then watch the horror series.

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Wednesday, December 20, 2023

The Archies

Do you remember a film called “Chillar Party”, wherein a handful of kids come together to save a stray dog? I found this movie to be similar, only the lead protagonists are young adults (17 year olds), who come together to save a park at  the centre of their town. At that age, confusion around romantic feelings for each other are natural, so that aspect needs to be integrated with the age group at hand.


What is the criticism all about?

This film has faced lot of flak because characters are out of a popular comic series and not everyone seems to like humanization of cartoon characters. But what if the name of the film, and the name of the characters had been different? It would have made no difference.

Lot of unnecessary songs.

Indeed, but think of it like a musical. The characters are young, and their minds are in a world of their own. Some song and dance is acceptable.


There are some star kids, such as Agastya Nanda (son of Shweta Bachchan and grandson of Amitabh Bachchan), Suhana Khan (daughter of Shah Rukh Khan) and Khushi Kapoor (daughter of Sridevi). Criticism goes the camera seems to recognize only three faces, but are they not the central characters? I thought the story tried to recreate the flavour of original comics, where the story revolves around Archie, Veronica, Betty, Reggie, Jughead, etc. The star kids have done justice to their roles, and so have the others. It is their first film, so the criticism has to stop.  

 Did I like the film?

Yes, but I took it as just a movie. It is not Archies comics. It is almost as if Chillar Party kids have grown up.

And Agastya Nanda is so handsome! Wait for him to grow up a bit more, and he would soon have fans swooning for him.

The movie is definitely a one-time watch.

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Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Permanent Roomates

A new season was aired in October, and its posters attracted my eye. I liked the feel of the brief, so I downloaded the season. But can you start from Season 3? I had to start from the first season and waited till I finished what I was watching at that time. When I did finally tune in, I so loved the lead characters. What’s more, the episodes for short and crisp. I loved the way Mikesh, the male protagonist, said “Cool”, and could over-simplify even complicated situations. I didn’t like Season 2 much, essentially because of things not being on the positive track towards the end. But the last episode instilled some perseverance to keep living, inspite of all odds.

Season 3 is about coming of age of the characters. The actors have obviously aged, but they are able to hold the happy go lucky charm. There are serious moments, and you would find tears running down your cheeks while watching the last episodes.

I found the cast to have been chosen meticulously, and everyone seems to fit their roles very well. Cameos by Asrani in Season 2 and Sachin in Season 3 are surprise gifts for the audience. Sheeba Chaddha is also very strong as a lovable mother-in-law who was initially trying to be forcefully friendly but gradually finds her place.

I am sure you would love this romantic comedy series.

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Wednesday, December 06, 2023


On a Sunday afternoon, I was in a park, watching my child play with his friend. Another child, few years older than the aforementioned duo, joined them. His mother, almost like a corollary, got talking to us. She could not stop talking about her child’s blog.

I was wondering what I had been doing to the space I had loved so much. Was I focussing on motherhood? Too busy with work-life balance? I am sure there are bloggers who post regularly, in spite of all challenges they face. When there is a will, there will be a way, they say, right? 

It’s time for resurrection.


So what is it that I want to talk about? Nothing special. In my regular life, I am someone who has a mundane routine. My life essentially revolves around my kid and office, ends with video calls with my out of station husband and parents. I have developed a habit of watching OTT content on the way to and from office, journeyed mostly in the metro. I have two active subscriptions in Netflix and Amazon Prime. Given the limited time I can devote to these platforms, I am usually alternating between them. I read/ write reviews on Google right after completing a movie or series. Would you like to know my thoughts too?

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