Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Of Missed Calls

Well, I had been attending too many meetings of late. I finish one, go for another, get back and am required somewhere else... there has been too much scurrying around. I put my mobile phone on the silent mode with the vibrator on, so that I would know when anyone called or sent a message. Back home too, I wouldn't bother to change the settings. But the problem lies elsewhere. My phone and myself aren't constant companions on off days.

Sunday evening I just chanced upon the phone beneath a pillow. I had forgotten totally about it, and I had no clue to how it got there. I had as many as 17 missed calls.

I am sorry, my buddies,who called me that day. I hope I have got back to all of you. This is a sincere message of apology to you all. I do appreciate your attachment with me.

To all those who keep their phones silent often, please keep your eyes on the instrument...

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R. Ramesh said...

yes good suggestion:)