Monday, November 05, 2012

Ahoy Antarctica!!

The Managing Director of a company I used to work with had gone on a holiday to Antarctica. I always admired his inclination for unconventional destinations, but this seemed incredible! More so, when he shared some photographs with us.

The other day I was trying out the new range of products from Cinthol. It was the "Strong" fragrance which my husband had bought - he emerged out of his bath excited; saying that he felt very fresh. He wanted me to try the other variety that we had bought, called "Deo", although its a soap. And my experience was divine - I felt awesome!

Full of energy, we switched on the television to catch our favourite show, and chanced upon this commercial:

I was immediately reminded of the only person who I know to have been to anywhere near the poles. We share a healthy relationship even today, and I called him up rightaway. He encouraged me to take up the challenge - ignore what the sceptical people around us say, and head straight for Antarctica or the Arctic. I was mentioning that I had seen seals play in pools and people skating over frozen lakes and incidences when they have broken through the ice into the water below - images I had made in my mind based on movies and books.He immediately suggested that I should try a polar plunge bath (a dip in ice-cold water) too! It would take a lot of guts, but afterall, we have only one life to experience such unique activities!

I am going to the poles soon. Like to join me?
This is part of the Alive is Awesome initiative by Cinthol.

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