Sunday, February 24, 2013

Naughty@ Dirty Martini

Do you remember your college days when drinking alcohol in public was a taboo? Think of the 1920's then - those were different times, when codes of conduct were much stricter. Dirty Martini, Olive Qutub recreates the yesteryears perfectly in this 1920 themed pub. 

Beer is served in paper bags. Gin is camaflouged in tea cups: with a hint of mint and lemon, its a drink they have named "South Side". What is more vodka is served in the jelly form shaped like fruit slices: the water melon and yellow melon forms that you see are anything but fruits: they are called shots. And they are yummy.

The decor is also old fashioned - and the ambience is heightened by a live opera performance by a lady in an old fashioned gown and furs. 

Photocredits: Mukta Varma, Sangeeta Khanna
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