Saturday, August 24, 2013

Genius of Water Purifiers: Aquaguard Geneus

Safe drinking water is a major concern for all of us, but often we are confused about the purifier to buy- more so, when there are many similar products available. So, when I had to select one for my new home, I fell back on the most trusted name: Aquaguard from Eureka Forbes. 

I went with memories from childhood, and was amazed at the smart look of the latest product: Aquaguard Geneus.

As I was marvelling at its sleek look, I was informed that all technologies of water purification, be it RO, UV or UF, have been amalgamated into this creation which would ensure the best quality water. The intelligent technology shall not allow the taste of water to change even with the passage of time or with variation in the input water. What is more, one can modulate the mineral content as per his preferences.

I have been using this product for about 15 days now. Its extremely convenient to use. There are LED lights that indicate the water level in the purifier. You can obtain water just by pressing the lever gently. There is a platform to place your bottle of water.. there is no need to hold it. Isn't that superb design?

Its absolutely hassle free with automatic cleaning technologies, and an Early Warning feature to inform you whenever there is need to replace the filters.

I love it as it has enhanced the look of my kitchen as well as taken off the worries of water borne diseases from my head. It's worth every penny spent, I assure you.

What makes Eureka Forbes a great company is its superlative customer service. A sample of the water from the purifier was taken to the laboratory for testing and the results have been posted to me. The quality of the water has been found to be compiant with ISO 10500-2012 standards!

Don't you think its a wonderful product?

Just a small thing to keep in mind: ensure that you have enough water pressure (the source of water must be at least 4 feet below your water tank), otherwise this unit may not work properly.
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