Tuesday, January 14, 2014

To our Gang Leader

My sister, Ananya.

It is said that God sieves out the good people and beckons them, irrespective of age or any aspect. On January 8th, 2014, God freed her of all earthly ties.

Just under 40, she was suffering from Cancer, a disease whose very mention shakes us up. But not her. She was someone who could face every challenge head on, and had emerged victorious every time. When we came to know her cancer had metastasized, I was encouraging her not to be afraid, when she said, "I am not scared. You all are."

Indeed, we were the weak ones. We cried, worried, got tensed, feared the worst everytime she went through rounds of chemotherapy, radiation, medication and intense pain. If we would ask her how she felt, the answer would always be, "Recovering.".... knowing fully well that she was doing no such thing.

She was named Dihing after a river in Assam. And so much like her name, she lived a life on her own terms. Never afraid to break the rules, she was incredibly smart and intelligent. She was a great dancer, and had a flair for language. Do you think South Indian languages are difficult to learn for someone who was born and brought up in Calcutta? She not only picked Tamil up, she used to converse fluently with her Tamilian maid, run a business in South India, and went on to marry a Tamil guy.

All through our lives, she stood by her younger brothers and sisters - guiding us, sharing our deepest secrets and yet, leading from the front while playing pranks. She was the darling of everyone in the family, for beneath her "I-dont-care-a-bit" attitude, was a caring and loving girl.

She wrote her destiny herself until this dreadful disease got the better of her. While we are happy that she has been relieved of inhuman physical pain, her sudden disappearance from our lives have created a void that nothing can ever fill.

We love you, Dihing-Di.
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