Friday, July 11, 2014

Of Awards : Liebster Blog Award

I had stopped participating in blog tagging and awards for long. But when two fellow bloggers nominated me for the Liebster Blog Award at the same time, I could not say no. Thanks a lot, Anjan and Noopur.

What I dislike is nominating further bloggers for the award. I feel everyone out there in blogosphere deserves this award and there could be no criteria to filter out select few So, I decline this activity, of my own accord. Here's to all my blogger friends!

Now, comes the difficult part - I have to answer 11 questions asked by the nominator. Since I was nominated by two people, I've to answer 22!

First, questions asked by Anjan:

1. One thing about my personality that I hate most: 
I trust easily.

2. If I could go back to the past, what would I change?
Moments when I yielded.

3. If I were to live just for one day, what is the first thing I would do?
Thank all those who loved me.

4. Love or Friendship?
Friendship - it is a love affair in its own right.

5. How do I judge a person?
I am bad at this. :(

6. What makes me smile?
When I want to hide how I am feeling.

7. What would I like to be reborn as?
His wife.

8. Living with someone who likes you or someone who loves you?
I would prefer staying with the person I love.

9. Most dreaded dream?
Death of my loved ones

10. Life in 5 words?
Him. Family. Travel. Books. Blog

11. An Inspiring Blog
I get inspired by all bloggers.

Now, questions asked by Noopur:

1. What would I do if I were invisible?
Nothing. I believe in doing what I do openly.

2. What does my blog mean to me?
Somewhere I can write what I feel like. Now, that's important.

3. Person I admire?
Not one person. I admire various qualities in different persons.

4. Most Embarassing moment?
When he discovered what I felt for him.

5. A co-author for my blog?
I am not very open to the idea, but it could be him.

6. Dream I want to come true?
A world tour while I am still young.

7. My opinion about Noopur's blog
Lots of appreciation - for I definitely cannot write poetry.

8. First impression about Noopur's blog
I like the name.

9. A wish?
Isnt that a repeat question? No, I am not writing all my desires here.

10. Post I like on Noopur's blog
All... and usually the latest.

11. Person who deserves credit for me being me?
I think its me, credit or discredit.


Anita Sabat said...

Wow! 2 Awards at a time :)
Heartiest Congrats, Anupama!
Winning awards is so special.
Best wishes to win more :)

Nice answers.

I agree that all Bloggers are so accomplished & picking just 10-11 is a Herculean task!

Thanks a lot for stopping by at my Blog & sharing such a nice comment.
You do have the knack to notice connections!
Stay blessed! Om! :)

Maniparna said...

Congrats Anupama... :-)

Noopur said...

Happy to read your answers.
Stay blessed :)

ashok said...

cheers Anu!

Anmol Rawat said...

Congrats on two awards :D
Interesting answers. Crisp and short ;)

Manusaporn Treerungroj said...

Thankk you for being you