Thursday, May 21, 2015

Adding a Secret Flavour to your Cooking

In the mood for experimenting with my time-tested recipe of mutton curry, I embarked on the lookout for new ingredients that can be used. This is when I chanced upon a bottle of Ballantine's whisky, which a friend had got for my husband, as both of them are lovers of scotch. The label seemed to invite me - "Stay True, Leave an Impression".

 I had read in a forwarded message that if you add a spoon of whisky while cooking, the oil would not burn. No one was at home, and this was the time to try this!

So went in the first tablespoon of whisky with my favourite sunflower oil, and indeed, facilitated the cooking. I added another spoon as a secret topping just before serving it. Everyone who tasted the mutton, simply loved the unique flavour brought by the scotch.

Curious, I googled "Ballantine", and discovered that the founder of the brand, George Ballantine, was an innovator and entrepreneur,  and always acted with conviction and flair. I smiled quietly to myself, as I was reminded of my bold experiment.


Kerry Schultz said...

these seems like such a handful tip that might become the secret ingredient of the ages. thank you so much for posting with this

Ellis Mann said...

Thank you for sharingg this