Saturday, August 01, 2015

Fine Dining becomes Fine Experience !!

A fine dining experience is not only about good food - it is also about how it is presented and of course, how it makes you feel. With SelectED (SelectED Events & Dining), you are no guest or customer, but God and Gods dine in style!!

Its attention to detail and ability to surprise you that makes your experience very very special - just a small gesture, such as your name on the menu sets the mood, isnt it?

What is more is you get absolutely exclusive service customized as per your requirement. It would always be one-event-a-day-and-thats-it for them; no matter the size of the gathering. It could be anything - a birthday, house parties and celebrations, corporate events, weddings and related functions at your own home or chosen venue - there is no limit!

SelectED is the brainchild of Arjun Sharma, an eminent personality of the hospitality industry who is not afraid to experiment and Ishaan Sarkar, who carries with himself tons of experience from the premiere group of hotels. Chef Gaurav Mathur has joined hands to form an awesome trio.

Attention to the presentation and a constant strife to innovate is evident as the salmon and chicken kebab in wasabi flavour is served in a glass jar, with smoke infused into it and covered with a traditional papad. You open it, and the smell tantalizes your senses.

Just look at this wondeful ensemble:
Customization goes to the extent of finding the perfect cutlery and crockery or even getting it made - so the biriyani comes alone in a plate, creating a royal feel and the assortment of fish, chicken and mutton comes in a crescent  and is placed over the plate like a crown:
The willingness to experiment flows to the jamun flavoured sorbet, and desserts which include traditional jalebis topped up with cream, pastry with a raspberry surprise and a coffee flavoured soufle with fresh caramel on it. In fact the chef comes and caramalizes the sugar with a spray in front of you.

 Trust me, your occasions would become memories with exclusive catering services from SelectED. 
Photos courtesy Sayan Bhowmick

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Ralph Carpenter said...

Delicious food and nice stylish setting draws much attention, without forgetting to memtion the exotic foodstuff that contain eye catching decorations. wow! i am salivating...great article indeed!