Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Sri Lanka : A Teaser

Many people would ask me, "What to do in Sri Lanka?"

Because, I was in Colombo in November 2015, and in Kandy the following January.

Here are the reasons why you should NOT be asking me that question:
I was there for work. Alone. Not exactly, but without friends and family - I had senior colleagues with me. And amidst tight deadlines. So much so, we had to work day in and day out, even during weekends, leaving us no time for enjoying.

Now comes the reason you may still consider asking me, nevertheless:

A beautiful country is beautiful in all aspects: so what I could absorb is enough to give you a feel.

Look at this- the road is adjoined by a railway track, and the sea is right after that!

Colombo has a sea face along Galle Face Road.. the view of the sunset is so tranquil. 

Kandy, on the other hand, is a land locked town. The key attraction is the beautiful Kandy Lake. It is a man made lake... a jog round it is a perfect start to your mornings!

And while you move around the lake, you'll come across the world famous temple, Temple of Tooth. Many followers of Buddhism travel from all over the globe just to visit this temple. Just make sure you are dressed decently. Men in shorts are not permitted inside.

But, what to eat? Well, all cuisines are available. And if you want to try something Sri Lankan, then try their chicken curry. Make sure you check out the local bakeries which offer fresh pastries, cakes and snacks.
You may like to shop for Sri Lankan cottons, gems and local handicrafts in Kandy. Money exchange is quite convenient, so there is no need to carry too much local currency.
Photos courtesy: Myself
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