Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Dhootha: The Messenger

Have you come across a series that makes you wish you had not started it at all? Well, Dhootha, a Telegu web series, dubbed in multiple languages, was the first of this kind for me. I would say the faint hearted should not watch it at all – there’s lot of blood and ugly deaths. Also, paranormal activity is something that fails to appeal me.

The basic idea is acceptable – one should be honest towards his profession and not succumb to political pressure and greed. Heinous crimes lead to the death of an honest journalist, who was a man of principles. Thereafter, his spirit takes on the onus to teach corrupt journalists their lessons in the hard way.

Naga Chaitanya is a handsome man and has portrayed his character (Sagar) very well. He carries the series on his shoulders. The insensitive trait of Sagar comes across strongly during his final interaction with his secretary (Prachi Desai). But what she did in revenge was way more awful. The director shows no consideration for audience and portrays crimes and deaths in realistic manner. You may end up spending nights uneasily after watching gory scenes.

Plus points: Absolutely perfect cast: Everyone seems to tailor made for their roles. Direction, Story build-up, connecting the dots are good. 

Only negative is that there seems to be too much blood. And I thought couple of deaths, especially that of the Youtuber, could have been reduced.

So brace yourself, and then watch the horror series.

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Tomichan Matheikal said...

Horror series will have a lot of blood.