Wednesday, December 29, 2010

This Winter

If you are not wearing socks,
its either because
  • you are superhuman
  • you dont have a pair

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Training our HR Skills

A Team Building Programme initiated by the HR Dept had got all of us very excited, as it meant two days out of office, and great fun. We assembled early in the morning in the office premises before embarking an airconditioned bus that was to take us to Fort Ramgarh, Panchkula. The people selected for this trip were from different departments; who hardly knew each other. The first round of gelling started by people getting acquainted with each other’s names, departments, location of present residences and likewise. Some games rounds happened to keep up the banter.. because the age group was quite diverse as well.. before we stopped for breakfast, after which all of us dozed off.

The Fort turned out to be a complex alongside the highway, with its name recorded in the Limca Book of World Records for the tallest wooden door: a whopping 37 feet. Rooms were divided, keys handed over. We re-assembled for lunch after which we were ferried to a nearby complex consisting of 97% open area. A treasure hunt is on the cards. Divided into two teams, each one of us was handed a list of clues. We huddled together, and worked out strategies with each other, most of whom were complete strangers until a little while ago. We scurry around the ground like children, and announce merrily every time an object is found. Next task is to build a sand castle. Its strange, how some of us took charge, and guided others to work. A senior member scurrying up and down to fetch water. A middle aged member digging sand. The younger chaps helping in the ramming and cutting. By now, we had become comfortable, and were giggling and pulling each other’s legs. As dusk drooped on us, we were asked to play Volleyball, not with our hands but a sheet of cloth. There was a fairly high net, and it took effort from all of us to hurl the ball across.. and to catch it by running together as a system, holding the cloth. There was a session where we got to discuss Employee Issues, but that was something we were not keen on, so tired were all of us! We could barely have dinner before we went to sleep readily.

The next morning task was about standing on a blanket, when it was fully open, then folded into half and further into quarter. Huddling, lifting the lighter people, we managed to fit. Then, a four way tug of war. Divided in four teams, we exerted our weight on the poor ropes!! And finally, it was a game of cricket. The boys were doubtful about cricketing abilities of the girls, and hence posted us on the boundary lines. Most of us had to do nothing, as the ball would stop in the sandy outfield. I was the unfortunate one who had to grab a high catch, but it was easy, as the ball came slowly down to me. We returned to our Fort-turned into Hotel, had lunch and started on the way back. We were gifted a coffee mug each, which stands a constant reminder of the fun we had!!