Friday, August 30, 2019

I am a Mom

I am a Mom.

I was 39; married for 12 years, and didn't have kids. It didn't seem that I'd ever do, either. Age was not on my side, I had a demanding job, and many such facts seemed to lower the chances further. 

People around me were having kids, sometimes multiple ones. Some of them were also older than me. I was not exactly jealous or depressed, but I felt sort of deprived. 

Some of my friends and relatives, colleagues, and even mere acquiantances would reach out to me, referring doctors, astrologers, what not. I had been under fertility treatment since 2014. I knew what was not so good with me. But I paid due heed to all well-meant advices, consulted many a doctor, in hope of almost a miracle.

I am a Mom.

I had IVF pregnancy. I was blessed with a baby boy in March 2019.

But I know what the journey is like. What it means physically, emotionally, financially. What it takes to balance medical visits with work. 

That's why I chose to write about the journey and life thereafter. Stay tuned, read the upcoming posts. It may help you, or someone you know. If you want to discuss something with me, drop me an email at I shall get back to you.

Stay tuned for more.