Monday, August 22, 2016

Chinese, Indian or both?

"Chinese!", I said, the moment we decided we were going to eat out that evening.

"But I was planning to go for Indian cuisine", my husband sulked.

So the golden mean was obviously, to find a place that served both. We did some research until we discovered Veda & Djinggs, in Sector 29, Gurgaon, which promised to bring together the best of both worlds, with the food being prepared in the most authentic way. We headed there straightaway! It was easy to locate.

Indeed the delectable menu had many an awesome dish from both cuisines!
The staff were also friendly and smilingly answered our questions about the ingredients used, methods of preparation, etc. They told us that there were separate teams for each cuisine and the experienced chefs were on board who innovated with the recipes and styles of serving. However, the core essence was to maintain the authenticity!

For example, they would cook each portion of biriyani in a claypot and serve it as it is.. this retains the flavour and adds an extra dash of taste!

There were many innovative dishes such as Dahi ke kabab and Palak patta chat, which we loved.

So next time you are in Gurgaon, do check out Veda & Djinggs!
Photos Courtesy: Team Veda & Djinggs, Santanu Saha

For detailed menu and further photographs, do contact me!