Saturday, January 15, 2011

Missing Birds' Bureau

 Found: A Baby pigeon
Age: Few days?

One evening, as we were walking out of the parking lot of our housing society, we noticed something alive in the corner: it was a baby pigeon huddled up in a corner.

Too small to fly, the poor being had been perhaps attacked by crows or dogs or cats... because it was badly injured in the head.

My brother in law picked the bird up and brought it upstairs. We cleaned the wounds with a cotton; and put some antiseptic cream on them.

We dug out a shoe-box from the store, punctured few holes in the cardboard, placed a bowl of water and some grains in the corner, and put the bird in its make shift cage.

In the morning, I was surprised by the confidence with which he was walking around in the shoe-box. But by the evening, he chose to go back to the outer world...