Sunday, December 25, 2011

Green on Green

Ever since I bought a camera phone, I have developed a tendency to capture moments that draw my attention.. however small and insignificant they may be. It could be an ear-ring worn by a complete stranger, or a splash of colourful waste on the roadside. And its very easy and convenient, actually.

The other day in a metro station, I noticed this young lady dressed in military green... that's not the big deal.. the deal is in her socks. Wow, they are green too!!

I got to admit that I haven't seen adults wear green socks... one may wear skin toned, black and even grey ones, but green?

Out came my mobile, with the camera mode on. Pretending to be fiddling around with the handset, as is common with people these days, I executed my shot to near perferction.. "Green on Green", I had titled the image.

But fate was against me. A fellow passenger had walked up behind me, rather stopped there when he noticed me setting the frame.

"Not an extraordinary pair of legs, I guess?", he commented.
"Why would a girl photograph a girl?", he said in the same breath.

Now, that last phrase had caught some ears, and people were turning around. To avoid creating a sticky situation, I was left with no choice but to counter the perhaps-innocent stranger.

"Why would you peer over a girl's phone, may I ask?", I scorched back - I was standing to my full height, and had a strict look on my face.

Luckily, the people around me, with hardly any idea of what led to this spat, chose to support me. They condemned him for interfering with girls... and thanks to the high frequency service of the metro, it was over in three minutes.