Monday, June 25, 2012

Tasting Wine!!!

I still remember the first day I tasted wine ever. My cousin had taken our gang out, and red wine was ordered. I remember wincing at the first sip... but there was something in that sour taste blended with a quaint sweet flavour. I not only finished that glass, but although I am an essentially non alcoholic person, I would love to have a glass or two of wine occassionally. Oops, that's a secret let out!!!

So, when my blogger-and-more buddy, Sushmita invited me for a Wine Tasting event organised by  Four Seasons, I readily agreed ignoring the fact that it was on a Thursday afternoon. The venue was near my office, Fresco Restaurant in Connaught Place, which is famous for exotic Italian food. I was joined by seven fellow bloggers, (left to right in the picture): Rituparna, Pratik, Purba, Deeba, Sushmita, Sangeeta and Rekha.

The bright face you see behind our group is Shamita Singha, Miss Earth Universe. She came across as the girl next door and told us about wines, about Four Seasons and interacted with us freely. Never for once, did she sound like a celebrity. But she sure knew a lot about wines!
I mean, I have consumed wine on various occasions at different restaurants in a number of cities, and used to think myself as quite a  connoisseur. But never had I bothered to think how wine was made, where it got its colour from, etc. Shamita told us all this,and gave us ideas about pairing different types of wine with the type of cuisine. Yes, dont be surprised if I serve you wine with Baingan-ka-bharta (Roasted brinjal, a delicacy from the Indian cuisine) now! We tasted five types of wines over enthralling converstation, and were quite tipsy and gay by the end of the session. All of them were great!!! Two smart representatives from Four Seasons, Jyoti and a handsome young man (sorry, I forgot to ask his name) kept us company enthusiastically over the food and drinks.

We were gifted a complimentary bottle of wine for our friends and family. So come over, if you want to share my newly gained knowledge and taste the wine.

Some of my friends have also blogged about the event, and their posts are far more colourful, informative and exciting!! Read them here, while I leave you a teaser with the snaps above:
Deeba's, Sangeeta's, and Sushmita's .

Photo credits: Group Photo by Four Seasons, Wine Bottle and Glasses: Deeba Rajpal

Saturday, June 16, 2012


To you who valued
Money over friendship
Who borrowed … 
Only to cheat!!
Stories of hardship
Weaved so neat!!
Promising to meet me on an evening
To return the debt
Casually marking
A date
With an arrow on the calendar!
But that is a paradise unknown to you!

You sever all connections with me -
Calls rejected,
Emails unanswered !
My faith in friendship stands torn,
Passion awaits you folorn,
Secretly uttering verses of anticipation
That you would return
     Restore the pride of associations,
     Tame the snakes of evil doubt
     And sort the riot of emotions………
All but for an amount
How big or small is not the question
It cost me a friend
Who turned into a fiend
Tell me the what went amiss
If all you need is
More time.
But that is a paradise unknown to you.
P.S.: The poem ends here... and it is a contest entry, as you can make out from the link below; but I cannot close this post without mentioning Ekta of Numerounity. She is the one who encouraged me to try my hand at poetry, fearlessly. I hope you liked reading it too.
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