Monday, September 17, 2012

Experience at Miele Experience Centre

Lifestyle bloggers, foodies, and a combination of both (like myself) were invited at Miele Experience Centre by Chef at Large (Bloggers' Table), and the best part was that you could get your spouse along. It was on a Monday evening, so I went straight from office, being joined by my hubby on the way. The place was easy to find, its quite close to Jasola-Apollo Metro Station.

All stress disappeared from my mind once I entered, the ambience was so bright, yet elegant and calm. As the fellow bloggers and friends started dropping in, we were joined by Chef Saby, who incidentally hails from West Bengal too (I do, and whether I admit it or not, this connection means a lot to me). The next moment onwards, all we could do is listen to the gregarious chef, and sip our drinks, of course. I started with a chilled white wine to relax my nerves, but then moved on to non-alcoholic concoctions to avoid getting tipsy. Live music was presented by two young singers in the backdrop. 

We were taken around by a sweet girl from Miele, Rashmi who showed us various products that have been created by Miele since the times of World War II, right from old fashioned butter churners, cooling boxes, bikes to contemporary lifestyle products such as coffee machines, washing machines, dish washers, wine cellars with temperature controlled zones, well designed refrigerators, iron machines, induction cookers, conventional cooking stations and chimneys. And as we roamed around, appetizers followed us - marinated prawn (mouth watering!!), paneer, etc.

At this point, the architect in me wishes to mention that the interiors of this centre is amazing. In a surprisingly well balanced use of red, black, white and other monotones, you are bound to admire the design and the carefully selected lighting that complements it. The open kitchen is visible right from the entrance, and Miele shall welcome you to come and cook a dish yourself. ( If you employ me to do up your interiors and wish to buy really great items that beautify your household, I shall get in touch with them on your behalf)
The young chefs, who operate between Miele and Olive, smiled a lot and spoke to us enthusiastically about the food that they had prepared for us. We were soon joined by famous (and award winning) chefs such as Manpreet Gill, Devender Kapoor and more. The business heads from Miele and Four Seasons (the wine we were drinking) were also present. While some trade secrets were being discussed, the kitchen was opened up, and soon, we started to dig in the gorgeous food.

The food was essentially non vegeterian ( I think good food is usually non veg, isn't it?). Starters were unique, and mind blowing. The main course didn't appeal to me much, more so, because the starters stole the show right at the beginning. Sushmita had spoken about the Risotto, which she had tasted earlier, and it was indeed very tasty. The desert, chocolate cake and tiramsu was a perfect closing of the sumptuous meal.

We enjoyed so much that we stayed back as long as we could. We were gifted yummy cookies as a good-bye gesture, so that we could recall our experience the next morning over tea and cookies. The cookies deserve a special mention- they were fluffy and had chocolate chips as teasers, baked by Chef Astha and Mahima.

The only thing that I found a bit unfit for Indian scenario, although instances can be found at some places, is that the washroom was common for men and women - a guard had to be positioned outside to ensure that only one group was in at a time. This can easily be sorted by creating a partition.

Please check out what the others thought of the evening - Sushmita, Sangeeta, Apeksha and Nachiketa.

Photocredits: Sushmita
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