Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Underwater at Kovalam

Adrenaline rushed through our veins as we gazed at the sea bed below - the water was calm and absolutely clear like glass. What we could see appeared like a live National Geographic channel: coral reefs and fish!

That was 1999. We, a pack of second year students of Architecture had arrived at Kovalam beach in Trivandrum as part of our Educational Tour to south India. Canoemen had picked up from the beach and taken us some distance inwards where there were no waves - and what a sight we beheld that day!

I have been planning to go back to Kovalam since ages, now that I have entered the 'earning' phase, and can afford underwater gear. The more I watch television, the more I yearn. Finally, the moment is about to arrive. My husband was looking for options to have an unique holiday - and jumped at my idea when I mentioned my experience to him.

We both know swimming; and we have started looking for someone who can train us for scuba diving. I am also on the lookout for a good underwater camera. Our target date is in mid 2013. We can't wait to jump off the canoe mid sea, and go down amidst myriad life forms under the sea, feel the corals and watch the fishes swim by. 

Our city lives shall be shelved and locked away for good.... as we shall be reborn as individuals without a shred of stress, eager to discover the mysteries of Mother Nature!

Kovalam, we are coming!

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