Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The "Waterfall Bath"

Travel itself is a rejuvinating term. Break away from daily chores, deadlines, ringing cell phones, beeping inboxes and cherish every moment - you feel alive once again; and every nano second of your trip becomes awesome!! We, the new age youth, interpret life in an unique way - we are not afraid to try innovative elements.

Some experiences stay are so special, that you wish to have them recreated in our usual lives too!

Mcleodganj, 2009: We had reached the beautiful Bhagsunag Falls after a long, meandering walk over the only driveable road that was clogged with parked vehicles. Neither of us wanted to go back the same route, and were looking for alternatives.

"That looks like a great route", remarked Hubby Dearest, looking at the waterfall. The stream was cascading down a series of boulders like a rugged staircase - That was a scary proposition, considering it was drizzling; and the water was full of volume and energy.

But 'scary' is a word absolutely foreign in the dictionary of either my companions, my husband or brother in law. :( . So down the rocks we  climbed, through the waterfall. Albeit risky... but, it was so exciting!! 

It happened midway the stream... I slipped. Luckily, I managed to adjust myself on the rocks. The other two companions were a bit ahead; and needed time to reach back to me.

The water was chilled, the current was strong, and the rain had gained speed - I was drenched in seconds! But there was something in those moments: instead of being scared, I enjoyed every bit of it! Bathing right in the middle of a waterfall, oblivious to who might be watching you, with aquatic avalanches trying to dislodge you - a minute giveaway could result in serious injuries. My cells felt energized and I felt like a child, devoid of any inhibitions!

My hubby and his bro were watching me, amused. I signalled them to come over; and three of us had immense fun, splashing in the waterfall. The water would sometimes go over our heads, or push against our backs before gurgling further down. Small stonechips being washed down played around our limbs - what a lovely experience it was!

Other tourists were watching us, but we hardly noticed anyone. The sun had come out after some time, so we climbed on the bigger rocks to dry ourselves to a fair extent, with our feet still teasing the flowing water (Photo 2, above).

It was until recently when I saw the new commercial of Cinthol on television for the Alive is Awesome (AIA) campaign that I remembered this splashing incident. The brand has launched a new series of bathing products that transport you out of your usual settings - the fresh fragrances shall keep give you the kickstart to take on the world throughout the day ahead! Enjoy your bath, and your senses would be stimulated to respond enthusiastically to every challenge that is thrown at you - afterall, "well begun is half done (Aristotle) "!!!

Do watch this video if you haven't seen the commercial yet. Listen to the jingle, I just loved it!
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