Sunday, January 20, 2013

Cold Bath in Winter

You wake up, go to the bathroom and look at the mirror. And the face that looks back at you seems to belong to the most lethargic person on the earth - someone who is compelled to be at office on this winter morning for a major presentation.

As you brush, your eyes catch the thermometer. "No way!", you exclaim aloud, knowing very well its no use.

Drearily, you switch the geyser on. And the light doesn't come!

I am sure you hate going to office on winter mornings, when all you want to do is curl under the covers and sleep! But what do you do if you are stuck in the above situation? Its an important day, and there is a power cut! Let me share what I did!

It had rained heavily last night, and this must have been a "side-effect!". I realized I had to bathe in cold water. What's worse, my hair needed to be washed as well. 

Doubtfully, I poured some water on my feet. The shiver that climbed upwards through my spine made me decide that I should just keep it to sponging my body, and delve no further. Forget the hair.

So, I sponged. Although the window was tightlly shut, I was shivering. The sponging somehow brought me to terms with the temperature of the ice-cold water - I just splashed some on my body. It was like being in a polar plunge bath - the cells of my body shook up with a start, as I found the energy to splash some more!

I turned on the shower. I felt like running away as the cold jets hit me like needles, but my inner being wanted to shampoo. I gave in.

I had a great day ahead - and because I had bathed in cold water, I did not feel the chill much either. I felt rejuvinated.

I am not afraid of bathing in cold water in winters anymore. Would you dare to?
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