Friday, January 11, 2013

The Year Around

2012 began with a mobile edge : the first two months, I was travelling a lot between Delhi, Bhopal and Calcutta for both official and personal reasons. I had no time to blog until February end, when I narrated my moments of joy in Bhopal amidst all the work.

There was an initiative from to identify Premium Bloggers - it required one to be blogging more than a year, and to have at least 20 posts in the last six months. I was someone who would blog once a month, rarely twice, and may achieve at best 20 posts in a year. Naturally, I did not qualify.

Gradually things started changing. A few bloggers' meets, get togethers with friends drew me into blogging like never before. And I've enjoyed the journey so much!

I've won a contest : The Alive is Awesome Campaign : see the red badge on the right? Here's what I won:

There's been a few lows; but with you guys by my side, I've felt an inner confidence! Love you, friends!!

Here's wishing we all have a great 2013!
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