Monday, February 10, 2014

Savouring Winter Menu @ Olive Beach

Innovations in food - that is what I would call the new menu at Olive.
Having heard about it a lot, I walked in with lot of expectations... and was met by a smiling chef. He sat with us, and shared with us his experiences from his long stint abroad. And he jokingly remarked that the new menu he has launched this winter had to be "Indianized" to match the spice loving taste of his country-men.

Although it was late winter, he offered us two of his special mocktails which were full of ice. All my apprehensions were discarded when I sipped in the green drink, called "Avalanche" - made with mint leaves. The orange one was a fruity concoction. He offered us choice of platters, but we surrendered to his will, for we wanted to taste the best. Here are the appetizers:

Confit Duck Legs - soft meat made into a dumpling, 
Pumkin Soup in Espresso Style, sprinked with ground pumpkin seeds
Cheese Balls
 Then came Round 1: Duck leg, with a burnt texture, coupled with turnips marinated in orange juice and dressed with plum jam. Coupled with warm bread and rosemary dip, it was too good. To top it all, came Goat cheese with beet, and walnuts - never knew beet and walnut tasted so good together!
Chef Sujan also treated us to Red Snapper fish, and informed us that he always used fresh fish, and not the usual frozen stuff available in the market.

He wanted to treat us more, but we were too full. So we went on to the desserts after a refreshing green apple sorbet, an effective palate cleanser. Don't the brownie and tiramisu look sinful?
It was a great experience for the foodie in me. I am usually very critical, but in this case, I could not even find a single suggestion to provide.

So next time you are in Chanakyapuri, make sure to check out this cozy joint in the ground floor of Hotel Diplomat.
Photocredits: Chef''s: Team Olive, Rest: Atul Tayade 


indu chhibber said...

It is good that you had a positive experience.Trying new dishes can sometimes spoil the meal.

Maniparna said...

Yummy !! lip-smacking dishes..

Anupama K. Mazumder said...

Yes... I have had that experience too! I was lucky this time. :)

You bet!

They were tastier than they look..

Atul said...

A beautiful menu and equally tasty..
Thanks for making me the part of your visit