Sunday, June 01, 2014

Summer Menu - Perfect for this Season!

Its that time of the year in India which most of us hate - Summer. It rains once in a while, but it makes the weather all the more unbearable. As humdity weighs our spirits down, what happens to us, the foodies, who want to eat out but the idea of oily preparations make us sick?

Chef Sujan has come up with a perfect menu for this season at Olive Qutub, Mehrauli. Its tasty, its light and its refreshing. Even after a long day at work.

So much attention is given to detail, that you shall simply love digging in. It maybe a simple watermelon terrine, but it is coupled with greenapple, avocado and mint to enhance the taste.
The season demands more salads than anything else, and thus, the new menu offers variety of light salads- nutritious, but feather light. The chef offers you a light soup, and then brings in his master stroke : Lamb rump - a non vegeterian's delight!

For those who have a sweet tooth, do not forget to check out the Tiramisu - its teasing coffee flavour, heightened by a biscuit like texture.
Photographs: Team Olive. Mine are on the way.


Ranita Sinha said...

A perfect menu for the sweaty summer..

Rachna said...


ashok said...

Iam scared to come to delhi ...hows the temp. now?

Unknown said...

Perfect for summer lunch.

Debbie said...

now that's a summer menu and the food is soooo pretty. it always tastes better when it's presented so beautifully!!!

tiramisu is my favorite!!!