Friday, October 24, 2014

Fun & Food @ Yum Yum Cha

Loitering around lazily on the 2nd floor of Select City Walk Mall, my eyes were attracted to the newly opened Yum Yum Cha. Against a serene backdrop of white, what attracted me was the abundance of fun shapes such as umbrellas, flip flops and various fun objects in vibrant colours. See for yourself how exciting an ambience the colours create!

 The staff were very friendly when we admitted that the menu was too tempting to choose from. Many of the dishes were brought to India for the very first time. Some items you cannot afford to miss, and I'll personally vouch for are

  • Sea food salad - a cold salad of diced crab on cucumber
  • Sushi platter - which is wonderful even if you've never had sushi before 
  • Takoyaki Octopus dumplings  

And the pleasure doesn't end there! We tried the hot pot of Ramen and pork - it comes in a paper bowl placed over a tiny fire- so it remains hot. We tried sizzling rice -it comes with the ingradients neatly arranged on rice, but to have it, you'd have to mix it all! It is placed on a stone wok, and it crackles to increase your apetite!

We were too full, but for me, even a small bite of dessert is essential. So, between the two of us, we ordered just one espresso creme bule - and it would have been a big miss had we not tried it. You may try the other desserts on their menu, but make sure you order this one too!

Come, discover "Little bundles of Joy - Huge Bowls of Happiness" in Yum Yum Cha, a new presentation from the owners of Yum Yum Tree.
Photos courtesy Angon Bhattarcharjee, who shares my immense appetite for good food.  


Heidi's Wanderings said...

It all sounds great especially the ramen.

Stephanie Faris said...

Yummy! I do regret that every time we eat out, my husband and I are always too full to get dessert. That's why I stopped asking to go to The Cheesecake Factory--he always fills up on dinner there and doesn't want cheesecake, so what's the point? I do like just a small bite of something sweet, even after a big meal.

Shopaholic said...

och, perfect post! :)

Elephant's Child said...

How very pretty. A feast for the eyes here on screen.

Indrani said...

A yummilicious post. I want to eat it.

Rupa said...

Heard a lot about this restaurant Anupama.

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Debbie said...

So colorful and oh so yummy!!