Friday, December 25, 2015

Fashion Tips in Clicks!

Its party time, as we bid farewell to 2015. 

I had a dilemma... I wanted to wear a red shirt for a Christmas brunch, but really didn't know what to pair it with so that the look matched with the mood.

Browsing casually on the web, a link caught my eye: "5 ways to wear Red", it said. It was like a dream find for me!

It happened to be the online fashion magazine of Jabong (an online shopping portal that needs no introduction)... I thought the name was also very perky: Juice. Many of us may know and are regular customers of the portal, but not many know about this magazine.

The contents of this month's edition have actually been designed keeping in mind the festive mood.. so along with fashin tips, you have tried and tested hangover remedies, guide to tequila and more! Plus, it is very easy to browse through the sections. The pages load quickly, and what you see entices you to delve in further. I not only got what I was looking for, but quite a few innovative ideas as well.

So, whatever it may be on your mind, from quirky nail paints to following celebrities, do check out the December 2015 edition of Juice!

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