Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Permanent Roomates

A new season was aired in October, and its posters attracted my eye. I liked the feel of the brief, so I downloaded the season. But can you start from Season 3? I had to start from the first season and waited till I finished what I was watching at that time. When I did finally tune in, I so loved the lead characters. What’s more, the episodes for short and crisp. I loved the way Mikesh, the male protagonist, said “Cool”, and could over-simplify even complicated situations. I didn’t like Season 2 much, essentially because of things not being on the positive track towards the end. But the last episode instilled some perseverance to keep living, inspite of all odds.

Season 3 is about coming of age of the characters. The actors have obviously aged, but they are able to hold the happy go lucky charm. There are serious moments, and you would find tears running down your cheeks while watching the last episodes.

I found the cast to have been chosen meticulously, and everyone seems to fit their roles very well. Cameos by Asrani in Season 2 and Sachin in Season 3 are surprise gifts for the audience. Sheeba Chaddha is also very strong as a lovable mother-in-law who was initially trying to be forcefully friendly but gradually finds her place.

I am sure you would love this romantic comedy series.

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Rita said...

Never heard of this series. I will try to find it. :)

DVArtist said...

I have not heard of this series either I will look for it as well. I hope you join in with Friday Face OFF. Have a very nice evening.

ashok said...

Not heard abt this one..