Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Should I or not?

There's a new bus service launched in Delhi. I work for the company that manages it.

I travel almost everyday at least once. Free.

My logic is that
  • I am a part of the service provider.
  • I am actually on duty, because I note all deviations from rules, guide the bus drivers and conductors, intervene in case of disputes, collect commuter feedback, etc.
My family says
  • Public transport is usually not a money making business. The one in Delhi is definitely not. The fact that a private body has been given the opportunity to manage the services is a positive step to attempt to minimize blemishes, and I am making things worse.
  • I earn enough to pay the fare, which is fairly subsidized.
Two positives and two negatives.

What do you think?


R. Ramesh said...

hey buddy thanks ya u r sweet

My Unfinished Life said...

A very honest acount.

In my opinion, the positives outweight the negative, so you should take the bus!!!!

Vijay Menon said...

If you're guilty about the fact that you are not paying, pay for the first trip and let the subsequent ones be free, just like those prepaid mobile offers :P

R. Ramesh said...

anu ji...u have been very encouraging..thanks

Premjeet said...

Go girl! Turning DIMTS into a regulator of sorts, are you! Think of yourself as a civil society watchman (join some NGO first may be?) if the guilt hurts!

Pranavam Ravikumar said...

Two pluses & Two minuses cancel each other.. :-)) Good one!

Haddock said...

I think private organisations will do a better job in this case.

Rups said...

Travel and Pay :)

Yashwanth said...

You should pay for your travel...

Anupama K. Mazumder said...

Umm, nowadays I do pay.. after hubby dearest pointed out that I earn enough to be able to pay for a bus ride.

Sarita said...

A true dilemma – best solution is to offer to pay – EVERY TIME. Leave the choice to the others in the system.
A lady whom I am very closely related to, was a part of a panel in an ancient version of Indian Idol. She faced a similar dilemma when her daughter participated in the event. She was by far the best singer. Her fellow judges were openly praising her and she had yet not told them that this talented child was hers. She then took the easy way out - when the time came to announce her decision - she said – “Oh I am sorry.. I forgot to give marks to this child. I will take an average of the marks given by the four of you”
It was after the results were finally announced and the child turned out to be the winner, that she explained her act.
Try this approach – it will make you feel good. After all – ten seconds worth of guilt a day works out to a wastage of 40 minutes a year… and our time on earth is much more precious than a few earthy currency notes

Anupama K. Mazumder said...

How are you? No, nowadays I pay, after hubby pointed out that I earned enough to pay for a bus ride. Just in case the bus is too crowded, I avoid paying very cool-ly, that is also there.

The story of the lady is very moving.