Thursday, November 01, 2012

Water Massage

Have you enjoyed a full body massage in a spa? Your muscles are revitalized making you feel energetic and full of life.

It was when I watched this video that I was reminded of this awesome water spa experience. It was all natural too! I recommend you try this sometime.

We were in Goa in July 2011. This is the rainy season - the seas are full and tourists usually keep away. We rolled up our trousers, took off our slippers and stood close to the edge where the waters were lashing furiously. High tide was setting in at that time - and no amount of rolling of trousers helped. Then came a big wave that lashed over my head ( I am fairly tall, mind you), drenching me fully!!!

I stood transfixed - as the water pressed against my body, pushing me as if to disbalance me. There was a mild warmth in the water - and the effect was so relaxing. It was hardly for a minute before the wave drew back to be replaced by a waist high one. I did not seem to mind the sand in my hair and all over my body. Even my handbag, although water resistant, was full of sand. Instead it felt like a natural spa - where I was enjoying a "water massage". The mild pains in lower back and calves that I had because of my desk job seemed to have been healed!! I seemed to have been reborn, devoid of any complaints!

This is also a part of the "Alive is Awesome" initiative by Cinthol. 


My Unfinished Life said...

I should go here in monsoon!!

Krishna/കൃഷ്ണ said...

great idea!


Haddock said...

Very true.
They say that a simple walk on a beach itself is very good for the feet.

L KRUPAA said...

Hi, First time here! Read a couple of the posts & there are really interesting. Thanks for stopping by.

L KRUPAA said...

Hi. First time here, found your posts interesting.
Thanks for stopping by.

Needful Things said...

This is the best. Instant therapy, any time :)