Friday, July 18, 2014

An all in one App: Ask me!

Every service around me seems to be saying “Download our app”, be it banks, pizza services, online stores, job portals, whatever – this is indeed times of smart phone revolution! I was wondering what a clutter all these applications would create on one’s phone, let alone the subsequent confusion, when I chanced upon a commercial on television. It was about an application called “AskMe”, that offered to consolidate all services into one.

I downloaded the app right away, just to give it a shot. I loved the icon – a rectangular callout representing conversation. The app could detect my city straightaway. The top two lines asked me what I was looking for and where. I had been looking for a dentist near my home for long, and once I fed in the details, I was handed a list of dentists within fraction of a second. Addresses and contact numbers were visible and I could easily select one that suited me best.

Bapp of all Apps

Needless to say, I found this extremely useful. What is more, when you select a service from this app, you can see the rating it has received from people who have availed of the same before you. There are reviews for you to set your expectations, and you can add your rating or review as well. You can make a list of favourites for myself. You can share your experience across all social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

While browsing, I came across various deals available. I was planning a hangout with friends, and discount coupons from Pizza Hut proved really useful!

The tag line of AskMe calls it the “Bapp of all apps” – the app that brings everything under one umbrella. It indeed is so. Download it and I am sure you would love the experience!

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