Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Grilled by Chicken - Nando's

Connaught Place is the place to hang out with friends for many a Delhi resident, including me. After a very satisfying shopping expedition, my friend and I were attracted to Nando's, a newly opened restaurant in F Block, mainly by its huge glass facade and modern interiors. Once we ventured in, the menu excited us all the more: it was mainly about chicken, flame grilled in Peri Peri style.

So we began the gastronomic journey with chicken livers. It was soaked in a tangy sauce and served with Portugese bread. The staff recommended two absolutely refreshing drinks for us - Madeira Red and a minty concoction. 

We ventured with chicken wings next, and an assortment of roasted chicken. Our food was recommended with the mild sauce, but if you would like it, you can go for spicier and hotter ones too.

We are such committed much non vegeterians that anything vegeterian on the menu went ignored by us. We ordered Portugese Salad and Moroccan Wraps, both with generous helpings of chicken.

You can imagine we were full to the brim by the time we finished all the food. The idea of dessert was a complete no-no, but they do have interesting options in their menu to complete your meal.

Nando's is a chain started in South Africa in 1987 and has presence in 20 countries. The interior is designed uniquely in each - and the one in Connaught Place is inspired by a basket in which chickens are usually carried. Do make sure to check out their lighting.

So next time you are in Connaught Place, do remember to hit Nando's!
Photos Courtesy: Supratik Bhowmick

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