Thursday, June 25, 2015

A Phone anyone would Desire!

It is not wrong to say that our phones mean almost the whole of or lives. So, when my husband lost his phone, his sole focus was to buy a phone right away. He literally snatched my gadget from me, opened the Flipkart app, and ordered a phone that seemed to impress him with its features : Asus Zenfone2.  He was so excited that he saved the image of his new phone right away:
As I raised my eyebrows at this impulsive buy, he pointed out the bold design - straight lines, slightly rounded off at the corners. The thickness of the phone is just 3.9 mm, he said. And the design is ergonomic - placement of keys are such that one can use the phone by sheer instinct! Now, that's an architect speaking!

"The display screen seems to be almost edge free", I  commented. This was received with a big nod, furnishing me with details of a high end 5.5 inch HD display screen. Also, this comes with a high speed processor that will facilitate high speed internet surfing and video streaming. Now, that got my interest hooked, for my phone, which is presently a bit old, hangs when I try to do few things at a time. 

"Now be a real multi-tasker", came a dramatic reply.

Plus, the memory is 4 GB - so, now store all the music, videos, images and files you want, without worrying about available free space and your favourite stuff slowing your phone.

What is a phone without a good camera? This one has two - the rear one is of 13 mega pixels, while the front camera is of 5 mega pixels. So, not only one can click sharp photos and shoot clear videos, it would be possible to click wonderful selfies as well!

All smart phone users have a common phobia - battery consumption! "Which is the compatible power bank?", I asked. I got a surprise, when I was told that it comes with great battery backup.
I personally thought black is a boring colour - for those who agree with me, there are versions available in gold, grey, red and white too.


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frankie said...

A very detailed reveiw on the phone. It could be more helpful if you mention all the specifications in the articl, so one doesn't have to go elsewhere to read it.