Wednesday, December 06, 2023


On a Sunday afternoon, I was in a park, watching my child play with his friend. Another child, few years older than the aforementioned duo, joined them. His mother, almost like a corollary, got talking to us. She could not stop talking about her child’s blog.

I was wondering what I had been doing to the space I had loved so much. Was I focussing on motherhood? Too busy with work-life balance? I am sure there are bloggers who post regularly, in spite of all challenges they face. When there is a will, there will be a way, they say, right? 

It’s time for resurrection.


So what is it that I want to talk about? Nothing special. In my regular life, I am someone who has a mundane routine. My life essentially revolves around my kid and office, ends with video calls with my out of station husband and parents. I have developed a habit of watching OTT content on the way to and from office, journeyed mostly in the metro. I have two active subscriptions in Netflix and Amazon Prime. Given the limited time I can devote to these platforms, I am usually alternating between them. I read/ write reviews on Google right after completing a movie or series. Would you like to know my thoughts too?

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ashok said...

Welcome !

Rita said...

Sure! I am always interested in people's thoughts. :)