Friday, May 31, 2024

Laapataa Ladies

What a story and how well has it been narrated! Disguised as a comedy film, this movie subtly touches upon how women find themselves in rural India - married off young, sometimes against their wishes, made to pull their veil over their faces, and what not. In a comic situation, a young groom, Deepak Kumar deboards a train with a wrong bride, who was also travelling in the same cubicle as the original couple. The goof up is realized once they reach home. A parallel story develops when Deepak’s wife, Phool finds herself alone at an unknown railway station. She is a simple girl who does not remember name of the village she was destined to, so unaware of the big bad world outside that she chooses to live in the platform. Her innocence goes miles when she chooses to wear her bridal saree everyday so that her newly wed husband can recognize her when he comes to look for her. The story underlines her interpersonal skills and cooking abilities, as she slowly carves out her niche.

Back in the village, Jaya takes the chance offered to her by destiny. She assumes a false identity, and stays back with Deepak’s family. She helps them to solve problems of insects in crop without using pesticides and also encourages the women in the family to assert their preferences and believe in themselves. Veteran actor Ravi Kishan plays the paan chewing, corrupt police officer who finds Jaya, but supports her to follow her dreams.

A key takeaway from the film is that in reality, women are capable of looking after themselves, and dont need men much.

The cast is new, some of them include debutants (Pratibha Ratna and Nitanshi Goel). Sparsh Srivastava bring alive the village boy character. 

A must-watch film for everyone. 

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Rita said...

Sounds like a good film with important things to say. :)

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