Friday, July 05, 2024

Mission Raniganj: The Great Bharat Rescue

Working in mines has never been safe, being full of risks of both health and also disasters such as fire. In the instant case, which is a real-life story, ground water breaks in from the ceiling of a mine in Raniganj, due to irresponsible flouting of safety norms. Some miners manage to scramble out, whereas 71 are trapped inside. Here comes in Jaswant Singh Gill (Akshay Kumar), a trained rescue officer, but new to the area. The story is about his rising to the occasion, commitment to the task, sheer grit and bravery to overcome all challenges to save the miners. Full of hope, but short on time, Gill identifies people suited to the job but faces lack of cooperation from Sen, who is a local guy, who is burdened with personal agenda. 

This movie is a good time pass watch, but there is no visual treat waiting for you. The story demands most of the movie to be shot inside the partially inundated mine, and rest around it. Some scenes appear dismally done, where the back and fore grounds appear pasted later. Modern techniques have raised the bar of graphic quality and those shots feel like misfits.

Another point to be noted is the character played by Ravi Kishan – that of a pessimistic miners stuck in the mine. With so many successful ventures behind him, I thought it was very nice of him to say yes to a role which is not in the front line. Parineeti Chopra too has a small role, and looks good as Gill’s wife.

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Rita said...

Sounds like a rather dark, depressing cave-like movie to watch even if they got them out in the end. Not a movie to have bad production in. I guess they tried, though. :)