Thursday, December 27, 2012

What is taking the attention away!

Girl: “Have you fled from Jail?”
 Guy looks up surprised.

Girl: “No water at home?”
 Guy is baffled.

Girl: “Ran out of toiletries?”
 Guy remains stunned.

Girl: “Trying to look old and serious?
 Guy looks blank.

Girl: “Being the human pumice stone?
 Guy doesn’t attempt to answer.

Girl: “Or the matchbox?
Guy remains quiet.

Girl: “A surface for filing nails, maybe?
 Guy is looking for the link.

Girl: "Medical reason?"
Guy shakes his head.

Girl: “You can be good for broom finish surfaces

Wondering what is happening in this union,
He asks, “What is going on?”

Girl: “What’s with the stubble?”
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