Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Eighty Three at Sixty Three

My Dad is 63 - retired and old.  He has scored 83 out of 100 in a course in Spanish language! I am more excited than him, it seems.

After retirement, Dad enrolled himself for the course mainly to keep himself occupied. It had been his long time wish to learn a foreign language, but with family and professional commitments, he could not.

Dad was faced with the challenge posed by his age - "My brain is not that sharp anymore", he says, "and I find it difficult to study".

His classmates were much younger - perhaps our age or even less than that. Plus, when you head the family, you have to take care of so many things - be it home supplies, social commitments, taking care of my mother and his (my Granny), paying bills, and much more. Studying inspite of so much is a very very steep climb indeed.

"It was difficult", says Dad, as he caresses his certificate, "but I relished every bit of it." He did not give up when faced by adversities and wrenched out time to study between various activities. He is not very computer or internet savvy yet, but he got the cable operator to broadcast a Spanish channel on television. Now, that was innovative!

Isn't that awesome? Congratulate him here!

We are inspired by you, Dad. Love you.


Anunoy Samanta said...

Wish Him All the Best in all his coming ventures!!!

The Mukhtiars said...

God bless , Nice post

Unknown said...

Congratulations to your Father.Hats off to him.

Million Luck said...

Excellent Sir. Congratulation. Keep clearing Spanish next levels and keep it posted. Cheers :)

Anonymous said...

This was so sweet ... wanted to congratulate yor dad FB and ended up sending him a request to do that, do tell him, he'll wonder... :)))

Anonymous said...

loved this post and wanted to congratulate your dad - ended up sending him a friend request... do tell him, he'll wonder...
best wishes, RN

Indrani said...

That is a wonderful achievement! My congratulations to him!

Suzy said...

Congratulations to your dad and thanks for visiting my blog.

ashok said...

super dad!

Susan Demeter said...

Congratulations to your Dad! My parents would always say it is never to old to learn new things :) Thank you for stopping by my blog :)

Anupama K. Mazumder said...




Will convey!

Anupama K. Mazumder said...

That was sweet of you!

Wonderful indeed!

The pleasure was all mine.

Like Super Man?

Anupama K. Mazumder said...

That's 100% correct!

Ranita Sinha said...

Thats quite inspiring..He is a brave man..Congratulations! to your dad..wish him many more success..

indu chhibber said...

It is admirable indeed-devoting time & effort & coming out on top-congrats to him!