Sunday, March 09, 2014

Hyderabadi Food Festival

 Window shopping at Ambience Mall, Gurgaon my friend and I stopped in front of a banner announcing the "Hyderabadi Food Festival" at Zambar, a restaurant on the 3rd Floor. Our stomachs and tongues yearning for a taste of the new menu, we dropped our shopping agenda almost immediately.

We were greeted by Chef Arun, a man with a broad smile who adds a personal touch in the food he serves to his guests. And tiny elements add to the ambience: banana leaf shaped plates, portrait of a Kathakali dancer on the wall, and more.

We are served with a small amount of Rasam, and traditional papads. But what is a hyderabadi food festival without kebabs and biriyani? The chef smiles at our query and serves his select few - aloo ke garlay (vegeterian), Shikampuri (mutton) and Chicken tikka (with a strong garlic flavour!). Served with a green chutney, the kebabs just melted in our mouths.

Moving on to the main course, he served us a delectable platter of achari chicken (yummy), nawabi kofta curry (meatballs), fish curry made in nuts and a vegeterian dish made with chillies.
Next came the biriyani, which is served only after the personal approval of Chef Arun. It was too good, and we had so much of it that we had to quickly proceed to the desserts. Needless to say, they were unique and superb too.
All you foodies out there, do remember to check out the Hyderabadi Food festival!


A travelers memoir said...

wow! i recently visited hyderabad i wish i had read this before going! nyway paradise worked for me great blog!

Mallhopp said...

Great Festival this is special of food