Thursday, March 13, 2014

South Indian Food beyond the Usual

"So you like Dosas?", I asked my friend when he said he loved South Indian Food. 
"Or Uttapams?", I offered, upon getting a frown.
"There's more to South Indian cuisine than those", said my friend and literally dragged me to Kausstubh in Saket District Centre, near DLF Place Mall. It was a peaceful place, with a simplistic design and wooden furniture.. it seemed peaceful and generated hunger pangs in my stomach.
We started with a traditional rasam and papad. That reminds me, do you know there are numerous varieties of rasam? And if you are interested, you may visit Kausstubh when they host the "Rasam Festival". 

Food from all states of South India was available - we had Fried Cocktail Idli, Cheese Kuzhipaniyaram, Keerai Kuttu and Butter Milk for starters. It was spicy, yummy and very innovative.
I wanted to have the traditional dosa, so the staff suggested we try Chettinad Plain Dosa and Garlic Dosa, along with the usual one. Note the unique presentation style?  

My friend was still hungry, so we ordered the Thali and Appams. With multiple dishes served in small bowls, came a Malabar Paratha and Idiyappam.
We finished our super heavy meal with "1 metre Coffee"... a coffee that is blended in two mugs held at a vertical distance of 1 metre. 

The restaurant serves North Indian food too, but I'd recommend you try their South Indian menu only. 
Photocredits: Atul Tayade
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