Thursday, November 07, 2013

Uzuri - bringing Europe and Africa together

Wandering in M Block Market, Greater Kailash II, my husband and I were looking for a cosy restaurant to relax, when we chanced upon Uzuri.

The unique name caught our attention - and we walked in. There are two levels - The friendly and courteous staff showed us both - the comfortable dining area and the open air deck (which is perfect for a winter afternoon). We chose a comfortable corner in the lower level, overlooking the greens.

There's something unique about the decor - there's leopard print on the walls and furniture, the artifacts are rustic and have a tribal feel. They have been imported from Africa, we were told.
In fact, "Uzuri" means wellness in Swahili, the indigenous tribal language of Africa (Kenya to be precise). The cuisine is European, which is inspired by Africa. Thus began our gastronomical journey:
What you see above are two unique mocktails - Uzuri Fresh made from fresh mandarins, mint leaves and Apple Tango made from fresh apples and cinnamon powder! We were served cinnamon bread with beetroot jam topped with goat cheese in a cute little bottle. The mustard lamb shoulder and Cape Malay fish cakes just melt in your mouth. Making out that we were very hungry, the staff recommended few dishes:
The pork belly in fennel and grilled vegetable ratatouille are dishes whose tastes are as unique as their presentation. The sinful chocolatey desert with semi frozen trufles filled us to the brim.
The food was exquisite and very very unique - its almost experimental, but very tasty. Upon enquiry, I was informed that most of the staff have international experience - great people have together to launch this new venture.

I'll give it 4.5 stars out of 5 overall. Do check this place out, and tell me what you think!


Indrani said...

That is a good review. I liked the atmosphere in the shots! :)

Anonymous said...

Now this looks Good,even the food is looking delicious..I tried a European Restaurant in Bangalore and I love their food too.. :)

Renuka said...

Uzuri sounds like a great place. I hope to be in Delhi sometime in future, and I'll head to Uzuri for a meal. Thanks for sharing. :)

Bikash said...

Very lucid review. Looking forward to reading more post here. :)

Aditi said...

Good review...sounds good!

R. Ramesh said...

kahan yar? long time no c..:) sorry I could not be in touch for gearing up for am important, happy family event in feb..dear blog friends like you are always in my mind..thanks for all the encouragement:)