Friday, April 04, 2014

D has to be Delhi

If C is Calcutta, D is definitely Delhi.

Now, this is a city I've grown in. I was here in 2001, came back in 2003 and never really went back. So, a good 11 years of my life have been spent here.

Things that were so taboo in my school days in Calcutta were so cool in Delhi. A city of millions, and I hardly knew anyone. I had friends around me, but somewhere, I was alone. The city befriended me, urged me to explore deeper and deeper.

I made mistakes, I learnt, I spoke to people, picked up local language and talking styles. I have visited areas where people discourage you to venture alone. Oops.

Delhi has grown with me: the metro has come, suburbs have developed, my roots have gone deeper and I've sort of become used to its extreme characteristics: be it the weather, traffic or political influences (or whatever).

The City of Djinns - you'll love it. 
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Image: Hauz Khas Village, 2011
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