Thursday, April 17, 2014

O for Optimism

Life throws many a challenge at us, some of which are very difficult to face. But if you give up, you'll never emerge successful, isnt it? On the other hand, if you give it an honest shot, you may just achieve the elusive goal. Chances are equally strong that you may go down, but at least you'll know that you had tried - That's my philosophy, and I try to inspire people to think positively.

There is a brighter side to everything, and its important to realize the beauty in small things. This has been there long, and I was amused to find one of my previous blogs convey a similar thought. Read it, you'd feel better!

Just keep the positivity going:
I am known to be a super-optimistic person among my friends. Even in situations where there is no hope, I'll hang in there, or inspire you to cling on, and say that perhaps things may just change for the better. There are lots of factors that one cannot control, yet we tend to fret about them. You'd agree there's no point.  Take a simple situation when a group of my friends are watching a cricket game on television and after the first innings, our favourite team lets our enthusiasm down with a paltry score to defend. While everyone would say it is a waste of time watching rest of the game, I'll say, "It takes just 10 deliveries to get the opposition out ..."
"Never say die", I say to those I need to inspire, and bring the best out of.

What is your approach to life?
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Unknown said...

Very inspiring post!

Maggie Winter said...

Quite right too. :)
I imagine things always turn out good for you because you believe they will, well done you. Keep inspiring all around you, it can change the world.