Friday, April 11, 2014

Juggling between Roles

"Anupama, this project is now your baby", my boss said, handing me a thick file.

Before I could react, there was a beep on my cellphone - "You cooked the cauliflower really well" - that's my brother in law, an ardent fan of my culinary skills.

I was smiling, when the gadget on my hand started ringing, flashing the name of one of my students. "Madam, please guide me what to do next", he requested.

I was too shocked to respond, so  I promised to call him back and walked back to my chair when the landline on my desk rang. "There is no bus on my route for 30 minutes. Please do something", a complete stranger had called me. I work in a public transport company, and my phone number is almost public property. I get such weird calls, in spite of the fact that I possess no power to satisfy such demands.

My mother in law called to check on my health, for I was sneezing over the phone last evening. I assured her of my being better and enquired about her left knee, which is her weak point.

I gulp down some water, reflecting on the various roles I've played in the last few minutes. And this is just a small sample. I am more - a daughter, a sister, friend, guide, what not.

I am no exception - all of us out there juggle between various roles. We are bloggers, artists in our own right, professionals, family, parents, siblings, friends and much of which we do not even realize.

Just give it a thought, and it will surely bring a smile to your lips.

Here's to you great people out there!
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