Monday, April 14, 2014

L is for Liar

Well, this is a difficult one. But people who know me since childhood would certify this.

Perhaps I was over-imaginative. Lying to me seemed like story telling. And I was real good at it - if I told you something as absurd as that I have travelled to Mars, you would be bound to believe that.

The problem is, the general impression about me was that I was a fibber and most definitely, the naughtiest child around. So, even if I were not lying, people would not believe a word I said.

An absolute contrast to this was my younger brother - his impression was that of an apostle of truth : a child who just could not lie. And in critical situations, he'd coolly let me down. "She did it", he would say, framing me for a round of scolding, and walking away.

After many incidents, I realized lying is taking me nowhere, and one needs to remember versions of the truth to keep the story going. Finally, around the age of 15, I gave up on this habit after I got my group of friends on the verge of serious trouble.

Mischief still dances in my eyes, but I am far mature and trustworthy. It's been a long journey, though!

What is your take on lying?
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