Tuesday, April 01, 2014

A - our names!

Having enrolled for the A-Z challenge at the last moment, I was left wondering what I should start the series with. "A" means lot of things for me, but the most important thing is what we are known by - our names. Most of us in our family, my closest friends, people who affect my life and more have names starting with A. So here goes:

Anupama (that's me), Aprotim, Ananya, Anindita, Anirban, Abhishek, Amit, Arun, Anindya, Anuradha, Atul, Alok, Anand, Ayush, Ayushi, Ayesha, Anjan, Aditya, Ashtrutaa, Ashish, Atanu, Anuj, Anit, Avijit, Abonty, Angon and many more...

Love all of you!
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